Is It Ok To Wear Underwear At Night During Sleeping?



    With the increasing openness of young people's ideas, many tangled questions have arisen, such as whether to wear underwear when sleeping at night. What should I pay attention to about underwear? If you don't pay attention, it is easy to cause some unnecessary health hazards.

    Do you want to wear underwear when you sleep at night? In fact, this problem is not entangled. You can wear it or not, but don't wear tight underwear, try to wear loose underwear, so that blood circulation will be smooth and help you sleep. Some young people like to sleep naked, which is OK, because women's pudendum is warm all the year round, which is easy to breed harmful germs. If they can keep ventilation, they can help reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases.

    Underwear, as a necessity in daily life, generally refers to close-fitting underwear, divided into men's and women's clothing. And according to different genders, there are many different styles. The time of wearing underwear varies from country to country.

    Many people like to sleep naked, think that sleep quality is better, it can, of course.
    However, if you can't change the sheets every day, so, had better wear underwear, lest not health.

    What kind of underwear is best?

    There are many types of underwear, but it is best to wear pure cotton. Soft and not allergic, but it has a disadvantage that it absorbs sweat and is difficult to dry. Moreover, it will turn yellow and hard after drying, and it will become soft after rubbing with hands.

    For female friends, sleeping in underwear is a very bad habit. Women have been wearing underwear for a day in their normal life. If they are bound by their underwear while sleeping, it will not only affect the quality of sleep, but also cause breast cancer for a long time. Need professional sexual disorder counseling and treatment points here! Studies have found that a large number of patients with breast cancer are not in the habit of sleeping and taking off their underwear.

    However, before deciding whether to wear underwear to sleep, it is more important to do a good job in the hygiene of bedding. If bedding, such as bed sheets and quilt covers, has not been removed and washed for more than three months, and there is no regular air drying, it is better to put on underwear and go to bed. Because in this case, there may be a lot of mites on the bed. If the human skin is in close contact with them, it will cause some allergic phenomena.

    Although we can take off our underwear when sleeping, but we might as well wear comfortable pajamas, so that we can avoid skin direct contact with the sheet quilt cover, but also can release their own body, sleep without bondage, sleep quality will be better. However, when choosing what way to sleep, or to go according to personal preferences, after all, everyone may have different needs, suitable for themselves is the best.

    Sleep is a very important thing. We naturally have to do our best to create a good sleeping environment and ensure a good quality of sleep, which is good for our health.






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