• Do you like wearing thong underwear?

        Mention thong, a lot of people think that only men's fashion choices, seems a little far from their lives, but with the development of era, the popular trend of men's underwear also great changes have taken place, the past is regarded as alternative thong has become a popular focus of the underwear market. History of Thongs     In fact, the earliest human clothes...
  • Is It Ok To Wear Underwear At Night During Sleeping?

          With the increasing openness of young people's ideas, many tangled questions have arisen, such as whether to wear underwear when sleeping at night. What should I pay attention to about underwear? If you don't pay attention, it is easy to cause some unnecessary health hazards.     Do you want to wear underwear when you sleep at night? In fact, this...
  • Can Men Wear Women's Underwear?

    Questions: Can Men Wear Women's Underwear?    Yes, but it's not very comfortable, and the men's underwear is designed with a U pouch to hold the ball. Women's underwear is not U Convex, are flat, so men wear it will feel a bit crowded. If you just want to feel the material of women's underwear, now there are many men's underwear with women similar material...
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